Annual Legislative Gathering

Area II hosts a joint educational event with Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area to educate county commissioners, soil and water conservation district supervisors and staff, watershed district managers and staff, area legislators, agency representatives and other interested parties on the annual highlights of both organizations. Senator Gary Dahms was on hand for us to answer our questions regarding upcoming legislation and to get our input on future requests. Emily Javens, Yellow Medicine River Watershed Administrator presented the Scenario Application Manager (SAM) tool and Terrain Analysis Data that is used to pinpoint field-scale project locations. This technology will soon be available to Counties and Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

2016 Power Point Presentation

2015 Power Point Presentation

2014 Power Point Presentation

November 12, 2016 - Photos of Annual Legislative Gathering at the Wabasso Community Center in Wabasso, MN.

 RCRCA Chair Norm Holmen and Area II Chair Luke Johnson   2016 AnnualMeeting 10

 RCRCA Chair Norm Holmen and Area II Chair Luke Johnson.        Joe Deschepper, Shawn Wohnoutka,Kerry Netzke.

 DSC 0291   2016 AnnualMeeting 16

Shawn Wohnoutka, Kerry Netzke & Clark Lingbeek                     Kerry Netzke, Clark Lingbeek & Emily Javens

2016 AnnualMeeting 05   2016 AnnualMeeting 06

Dennis Potter, Rodney Stensrud, Emily Javens & Gary Rathman                              Joy Bruns & James Jens

2016 AnnualMeeting 07   2016 AnnualMeeting 12

Senator Gary Dahms & Bob Moline                                           Retiring Board Members: Bob Moline, Louis Sherlin, Rodney Stensrud